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Photo Tiago Xavier

Tiago Guedes is a portuguese film and theatre director.

He attended the New York Film Academy and the Directing Actors course at Raindance London, and has worked in several projects for cinema, theatre and television, having won several awards in all these areas.

As a film director, he made some critically acclaimed films, such as the short film “Waking Up” (2001), his first feature film “Blood Curse” (2005) and the feature film “Noise” (2008), all codirected with Frederico Serra.

Collaborating with the author Tiago Rodrigues, he directed the short film “Chorus” (2014) and the feature film “Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes” (2019).

“The Domain” (2019), whose script was written in collaboration with Rui Cardoso Martins. The film was part of the Official Selection of the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, and is the Portuguese nominee for the Goya Awards and the Oscars 2020.

In 2021 he Directed the first Portuguese Netflix Production ever - GLORIA

His most recent film "Remains of the wind", again collaborating with Tiago Rodrigues, was part of the Oficial Selection of Cannes Film Festival 2022, and had international release in France in 2023.


As a theatre director he staged plays by Peter Handke, Dennis Kelly, Henrik Ibsen, David Harrower and Martin McDonagh.

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