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A matança ritual de Gorge Mastromas

After Orphans (2017), Tiago Guedes returns to the texts of the English playwright Dennis Kelly with the staging of The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas. A text about the rise to power and the moral dilemmas of that journey in the shape of a moral incendiary tale

What makes us who we are? Which are the moments that define us? In The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas, Dennis Kelly wrote: «Existence isn’t what you thought is was until now. It isn’t honest, nor gentile, nor just. The majority of the time the world has no idea of that, people believe in God, or in their father or in Marx or in the invisible hand of the market or in honesty or kindness. They pass through life with closed eyes, taking beatings and being screwed. He is like that. You are like that. But a tiny part of us, let’s call it the resistance, know the true nature of life. The world is given to us. We are powerful and have everything, because we will do whatever it takes. The rest of the world will always be flesh for us, cattle, animals to be herded and sometimes hunted. We are a secret society: we don’t have handshakes, we don’t have meetings, we don’t dress ridiculous suits in full moon nights, but we exist, we know each other and, always when we meet, we smile and inside we say: “Look at these idiots. How are they so stupid? Why don’t they just do like we do and take what they want?”.»




Dennis Kelly



Tiago Guedes



António Fonseca, Beatriz Maia, Bruno Nogueira, Inês Rosado, José Neves, Luís Araújo, Rita Cabaço



Fernando Ribeiro 



Nuno Meira



João Pratas



Ângela Rocha



Pueblozito, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and Teatro Viriato


Filipe Ferreira / TNDMII


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